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The interest of Bin Ham group in the land investments reverses, in one hand, the group ability between the requirements of the successful investment and in the other hand, the entrusted role to the economic groups in the interest of development goals and priorities. Due to the fact that the group scrutinizes toward these investments as an integral futuristic look which balances between the contribution of ensuring the residential unities in suitable prices as it is the useful solution in facing recently rents increasing problems and also between the economic income which is the accomplishment of the best benefit from the immense prosperity of land properties in the UAE.

For that reason, the company is interested in distributing her new projects in different areas whether inside the UAE or abroad. As well as it always concentrates on the integral land projects, and persists that these projects should be in privileged areas.




Bin Ham Towers


Al Rowad

Thanks to its land investments extensions in the UAE or abroad, Bin Ham group decided to constituted “Bin Ham Properties” to specialize in the management of Bin Ham Group residential, administrative and commercial unities according to the recent conventional administrative methods which may fulfill from it a perfect economic income especially in light of the glowing rivalry in the field of properties investment and appearance of new technologies in land properties developer.

Tel.: 04 – 2957671, Fax : 02 – 2958804
P.O.Box: 33155, Dubai – U.A.E.

Tel.: 06 – 5306464, Fax : 06 – 5308804
P.O.Box: 1615, Sharjah – U.A.E.

Abu Dhabi
Tel.: 03 – 6784000 Fax : 03 – 6784111
P.O.Box: 45580, Abu Dhabi – U.A.E.