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Bin Ham Traveling & Tourism Agency has been established earlier in 1979 currently includes the main office in Abu Dhabi and other tow branches in Al Ain titled “Al Aman Traveling & Tourism” & “Al Ain Express”.

During this period it became one of the biggest IATA’s biggest agencies which located in Abu Dhabi.

These agencies control 62 airlines worldwide tickets, including British Airways, K.L.M, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Gulf Air, Emirates Airlines, and is currently working closely with the national carrier “AL ITTIHAD airline” to upgrade sales to the highest possible level.

The “Bin Ham agencies offer services around the clock, seven days a week including holidays, always keen to provide the best prices available and provide special prices for holidays and official trips.

It also provides airport service reception for VIPs, as well as limousine service for departing and arriving.

These Agencies rely on the efforts of their well experienced crews, thereby qualifying for several prizes including the “Golden Award” from the “Gulf Air” and “certificate of excellence” from the Ministry of Economy…etc.

Agencies are Member in “BSP” of “IATA” international which allows them to deal directly with all international airlines, without resorting to the main sponsor, and is a member of the “e-ticketing” which allows issuing electronic tickets.

Abu Dhabi
Tel.: 02 – 6393366, Fax : 02 – 6393663
P.O.Box: 27242, Abu Dhabi – U.A.E.

Al Aman
Tel.: 03 – 7655777, Fax : 03 – 7657572
P.O.Box: 1615, Al Ain – U.A.E.

Al Ain Express
Tel.: 03 – 7642111 Fax : 03 – 7663600
P.O.Box: 1615, Al Ain – U.A.E.

BinHam Travels
Hamdan Road, Second Street
Tel.: 02 – 6311488 Fax : 02 – 6393663
Abu Dhabi – U.A.E.