Since its establishment in 1974, Bin Ham Agricultural Company
implemented several mega-projects in Abu Dhabi, and had a pioneer role in
agricultural renaissance in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. It contributed significantly
in expanding the green landscape during the early history of the UAE, as well
as the creation of a number of prominent parks through many forestation
projects. Projects implemented by the company includes: Hili Fun City, Ain
Al Faydha resort, Falaj Hazza garden.
The company also proved its strong presence in other projects related to
the development process such as the implementation of pumping stations
and water networks as well as electrical, mechanical, civil and waste water
purification plants. It also constructed a number of important civil projects
such as: roads, waste water treatment station in Al Faqa›a, and roads lighting
in Twayyah and Um Ghafa.

The company is currently implementing a number of large projects including
the development of the residential area of Ramlat Al Raei in Al Ain with a
cost of AED 113 Million, as well as replacement and maintenance projects
of some sanitation stations for Abu Dhabi Sewage System Company, with
an investment of AED 63 Million. The company is currently investing 115
million dirhams to extend the water lines of houses in the Al Ain, in addition
to sewage networks project in Al Ain Al Fayda at a cost of 85 million dirhams.
Bin Ham Agricultural Company, which has practical experience accumulated
over more than three decades, is employing a number of highly experienced
engineers and technicians, and it possess a huge fleet of the latest equipment
and machinery, which is a key factor for the continuation of the company in
the march of success and distinctive future, as one of the biggest companies
specialized in this field in Abu Dhabi.