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Welcome To Bin Ham Group
43 Years of success

Bin Ham Group succeeded during its career, which exceeded three decades, to achieve a leading position for itself on the map and distinctive national economic groups that has played its role and responsibilities in the economic and social construction of the homeland, while each of achievement on the ground since the declaration of the Union, the group was in the heart event realizing a strong presence in various vital economic activities, and a similar presence in multiple community service activities.

Founder of Bin Ham Group
The founding of ``a Bin Ham`` came truthful embodiment of the aspirations in supporting the march of construction and development established by the founder and leader, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, after realizing the dream of Union with the members of the Supreme Council rulers of the Emirates, which was the starting point in the establishment of a strong and modern state, based on the principles of tolerance and peace, openness and service of humanity.

Bin Ham Group launched City Seasons Group Hotels by establishing an administrative entity

Real Estate

We specialize in the management of residential, administrative and commercial units

Traveling & Tourism

Bin Ham Traveling & Tourism Agency has been established earlier in 1979


Bin Ham Group embarked on opening its private schools, it didn’t seek for profit

Printing & Publishing

We own a great collection of specialized books issued on different occasions

Forex International

Forex International Company was Founded in 1985, and obtained a license from..


Since its establishment in 1974, implemented several mega-projects...


It founded in 1988. It established itself as one of the leading companies..


Bin Ham petroleum group L.L.C was founded in 1982, it succeeded in becoming one of ..

General Contracting

Contributed to the implementation of housing projects, schools ..etc

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