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The financial profit was not the goal that the group sought when it opened private schools, but rather the sincere desire to develop education by creating new and distinguished educational channels for students, providing significant financial and material contributions to other schools, and implementing projects that contribute to raising the level of the educational process in the country, considering that education is the primary pillar in the progress and advancement of society. These schools operate according to the latest educational systems and curricula, and provide all educational, cultural, and sports activities, The school provides facilities and resources that help polish students’ skills and develop their abilities, such as educational laboratories and computer labs, school trips and modern teaching aids. It also offers free lessons for students, a resident doctor to provide primary healthcare for students, qualified staff members, and a fleet of modern buses that provide a safe and comfortable means of transportation for students. The school also implements integrated programs to assist students with special needs. The Bin Ham Educational Group includes several schools, such as:


Dar Al Uloum Private School in Baniyas

It has administrative and teaching staff of more than 65 teachers.The school includes various educational stages from kindergarten,elementary up to secondary stage.

Dar Al Uloum Private School in Al Ain

Has staff of more than 85 teachers, administrative and technical. The school includes various educational stages from kindergarten, elementary up to secondary stage.

Bin Khaldoon Private School in Al Yahar

It has administrative and teaching staff of more than 65 teachers.The school includes various educational stages from kindergarten,elementary up to secondary stage.

United School AL Yahar

It is located in Al Yahar area, which is one of the International Concept orbits, which was inaugurated in 2010 The United School – Al Yahar

United School Baniyas

As a result of the successes achieved by the United School in Al-Yahar, a new branch of the school was opened in 2005 The United School – Al Yahar

Salam Kids nursery

Salam Kids nursery endeavor to build the children’s personality, enhance their abilities, and equip them with right guidance by providing valuable knowledge resources that meet their educational desires and needs. Salam Kids Nursey aims to develop the children’s skills in early years though a qualified team of teachers, caregivers in cooperation with specialists and consultants to refine the child’s personality and prepare him for school to reach his highest potentials. This is in addition to an

United Private Nursery

The nursery relies on a global British curriculum (EYFS) that covers all stages of child development in an easy and enjoyable way. The nursery accepts children from 45 days old to 4 years old and works on nurturing a child armed with knowledge and understanding, while providing a safe and healthy environment. It also equips them with educational skills and meaningful activities, and offers a daily program for all age groups (teaching Arabic and English languages, Islamic culture while preserving heritage). It includes outdoor and indoor play areas and safe flooring for children’s play.

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