Real Estate

With the expansion of its real estate investments inside and outside the Emirates, Bin Ham Group established “Bin Ham Real Estate” in 2007 to be the real estate wing of the group and specializes in managing its residential, administrative and commercial units in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, according to the latest scientific methods recognized and to achieve the best economic return. Among them, especially in light of the intense competition in the field of real estate investment and the introduction of new mechanisms in the work of real estate developers.

The strategy pursued by Bin Ham Group in the field of real estate investment is based on several principles, the most important of which are: harmonization between the requirements of successful investment on the one hand and serving development goals and priorities on the other hand, as the group considers these investments an integrated view that balances between contributing to the provision of housing units at reasonable prices. And that is one of the solutions that the group deems feasible to confront the problem of high housing rents, and between the economic return represented in achieving the best possible use of the large real estate boom in the country, in a way that achieves the group’s interests in the long run.

Bin Ham Group is interested in distributing its new projects in various regions, whether inside or outside the country. It also always focuses on integrated real estate projects, and is keen to ensure that the sites of these projects are in distinct areas.

  • Bin Ham Towers
  • Trade Union project
  • Sama Residence

Bin Ham Towers project in Sharjah includes 3 towers and each tower consists of 38 floors and 495 apartments in addition to offices and shops.

Al Ittihad is a commercial project offering attractive modern offices for rent at a great value, in a convenient location in the heart of the city. Ideal for multinational companies. Etihad provides comfort and convenience, with around-the-clock security and facilities management, and is located near Deira City Center. The project is modeled after sustainable office developments around the world, and creates an integrated community workplace.

The place is ideal for family living. All apartments have a swimming pool, modern health club and pool deck. 24-hour security, surveillance cameras, and ample parking. These residences are specially designed to cater to all lifestyle needs. It offers a great value offer, especially for families, with its great location, a host of luxurious amenities, stylish finishes and great services provided.

  • Al Wahda Building
  • Al Aman House
  • City gate

The Wahda is a unique apartment located next to Deira city center. The unit consists of 13 elegant floors divided into 6 commercial floors and 7 residential floors on Al Ittihad Road. It offers 2-bedroom apartments with a basement car park. A lavish lifestyle offered in the much coveted title. It is located around commercial and residential areas and provides an unparalleled living experience. All apartments have modern double glazed windows that block out excess sunlight and provide the best levels of privacy and comfort. The ceilings are set high to provide enough fresh air and space.

Al Aman House (Al Aman House) is a residential and commercial building located in the heart of the city. A completely unique destination created with the needs of an active family in mind. Al Aman House provides facilities like central air-conditioning (chiller), fully equipped gymnasium, sauna, steam rooms, swimming pool for adults and children, spacious underground parking, advanced security systems such as 24 hour automatic surveillance, CCTV system and access control systems.

City Gate is a residential building offering attractive modern apartments for rent at a great value, located in the heart of the city. There is a group of 3 bedroom apartments, which are perfect for a good family life. City Gate offers convenience, with around-the-clock security and facilities management. It is located on Airport Road near Deira City Center. The project is modeled on sustainable residential developments around the world, and creates an integrated community lifestyle for its residents.