Proceeding from the saying of the late Sheikh Zayed – may God rest his soul – (I want you to have more appreciation for the past, and more memories, because whoever does not remember his past does not work for his present, and more talk about the past makes our children appreciate the present and prepare for the future. The continuity of the past and its sermons, our thinking about the present and its hopes, and our thinking about the future and its bright aspirations, to the building of our country, its progress and its renaissance. In order to contribute to the strengthening of the original foundations of the Emirati society and its inherited values, which will always lead us, and to participate in the victorious march of our dear country in establishing the edifices of the Renaissance in all aspects of life, foremost of which is the edifice of culture, knowledge and scientific creativity in its various forms. Protect the cultural center with its vision, mission, and goals that define its activities and the paths of its contributions, guided by the visions and blessed paths of our wise leadership.


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