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Bin Ham Group succeeded during its career, which exceeded three decades, to achieve a leading position for itself on the map and distinctive national economic groups that has played its role and responsibilities in the economic and social construction of the homeland

Sheikh Musallam Bin Ham

Chairman of the Bin Ham Group

Sheikh Ahmed Musallam Bin Ham

General Manager, member of the Board of Directors

Sheikh Musllam Bin Ham

Founder Of Bin Ham Group

The founding of ``a Bin Ham`` came truthful embodiment of the aspirations in supporting the march of construction and development established by the founder and leader, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, after realizing the dream of Union with the members of the Supreme Council rulers of the Emirates, which was the starting point in the establishment of a strong and modern state, based on the principles of tolerance and peace, openness and service of humanity.

A word from the general manager

We Bin Ham Group are proud that we are an Emirati group that started from the land of opportunities and dreams, inspired by its plans and planning from the continuous success and excellence that the UAE is experiencing. We seek in Bin Ham Group to provide our services relying on the latest existing technologies and a team of global expertise in the fields of finance and business, whether The technical or administrative aspect, and through the group of companies that the group includes, we offer a number of innovative solutions, and our group continues to grow at the local and global levels through many development projects that we are working to implement according to the latest international standards. We enter a new decade with new ambitions and a new vision called innovation, anticipating the future, investing in people, and working to provide a supportive environment for talents and creators in our groups because we believe that people are the basis of any success. We launched the website with its new look to be the window from which the world overlooks us and the link between us and our partners, and we have worked hard to be an innovative and distinguished site, using the latest technologies in its design, and we have provided many electronic links that enable the user to browse the site easily and easily to access The information he needs


News & Events

Air France Honors “Bin Ham Travel”

Air France Honors “Bin Ham Travel”

Abu Dhabi – Al Bayan Sheikh Musallam Bin Ham Al

Bin Ham Travel Agency organizes the “Travel and Tourism Forum”

Bin Ham Travel Agency organizes the “Travel and Tourism Forum”

Abu Dhabi – Albayyan Bin Ham Travel Agency, in collaboration

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