Bin Ham Group: Real estate sector recovery in the last quarter of 2021

Bin Ham Group: Real estate sector recovery in the last quarter of 2021
Ahmad Bin Ham

Bin Ham Group announced its data indicators in the last quarter of 2021 in the sectors in which the group companies are active.

This came during the report prepared by the group’s executive management, where it reviewed the results of the last quarter of the group’s companies, and showed the real estate sector indicators recovery by 15% for the fiscal years 2019-2020, which confirms the sector’s gradual recovery from the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Musallam bin Ham, CEO of Bin Ham Group, said: The recovery of the UAE real estate sector during 2021 and the strengthening of its assets, with the increase in attracting more real estate investors and the recovery of sales volumes in conjunction with the Dubai Expo 2020, was reflected in the performance of the sector companies listed in the local capital markets during the year. the past, especially in the last quarter of 2021.

And the CEO of the group continued: The UAE’s policies in dealing with the “Corona” pandemic had a great impact on the strong growth of the real estate sector, and the Expo had an impact on the economy as a whole that exceeds its six-month period. Since the announcement of the victory in 2013, the government has spent billions to develop infrastructure, and put in place equipment and preparations to organize the global event, which was reflected in increasing the attractiveness of real estate, and making the UAE among the best places to live in the world.

He explained that “Bin Ham Group” is a national group that has been in the market for more than four decades, and was able to achieve a distinguished presence in vital economic activities such as oil drilling, water well drilling, agriculture, general contracting, electrical installations, real estate investment, travel, tourism, hotel, education, media and other activities. The other, and played a vital role in the implementation of large projects at the level of Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general, pointing out that the group had previously gone through the challenges of the global financial crisis, and the declines of the real estate sector more than once, but its accumulated experiences enabled it to overcome difficulties and remain strong in the market

Bin Ham stressed that the group’s name and history are well-known, and we are keen to help entrepreneurs, within our societal role, which we consider a legacy through which we work, generation after generation, a rich legacy founded by the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul.

He pointed out that the group continued, despite market conditions, to implement most of the projects and carry out its work as much as possible, which contributed to overcoming the bulk of the crisis related to the Corona virus.

Bin Ham concluded: There is no way for us but to be distinguished, because upgrading the group’s position is a trust, so we must take excellence as a goal, an approach, and a practice.

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