Bin Ham Travel Agency organizes the "Travel and Tourism Forum"

Bin Ham Travel Agency organizes the “Travel and Tourism Forum”

Abu Dhabi – Albayyan

Bin Ham Travel Agency, in collaboration with Royal Air Maroc and the Moroccan National Tourism Office in the UAE, organized the Travel and Tourism Forum at the Royal Rose Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The event was attended by Sheikh Musallam bin Ham Al Ameri, Chairman of Bin Ham Group.

The forum serves as a platform to highlight tourism in the Kingdom of Morocco, as well as joint offerings and festivals with the UAE. Nabil Al Sayegh, General Manager of Bin Ham Travel and Tourism Group, and several senior officials from the investment and tourism sectors attended.

Sheikh Musallam bin Ham affirmed, “The UAE’s commitment to the development and enhancement of the aviation and tourism sectors, under the wise guidance of its leadership, aligns with global best practices. The implementation of pioneering national initiatives and strategies in these essential sectors has been instrumental in establishing the UAE as a leading global destination for air travel and tourism.”

He added, ‘Emirati-Moroccan relations are historical, based on distinguished fraternal ties and fruitful cooperation, characterized by continuous development in all strategic sectors, especially economic and investment.’

Bin Ham continued, ‘The tourism sector in Morocco is witnessing remarkable growth, as the latest statistics from the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism show tourism revenues exceeding $10.5 billion in 2023, for the first time in the country’s history. This figure indicates that Morocco has become a tourist destination in the region, thanks to its security and social stability.’

Bin Ham emphasized that the forum aims to strengthen and support the tourism sector, given its importance in the economic growth of the UAE, noting that the significance of the forum lies in creating a strategic partnership between tourism companies and institutions in the UAE and the Kingdom of Morocco.”

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