The completion of the first phase of the Bin Ham project in Morocco

The completion of the first phase of the Bin Ham project in Morocco

Rabat – Aletihad

Bin Ham Group, one of the prominent family-owned companies in the United Arab Emirates, has announced developments in the largest commercial and tourist project in the Moroccan capital, Rabat. The investment project consists of a commercial center covering an area of 22,000 square meters and a five-star hotel with 168 rooms and suites. The first phase of the Bin Ham project in Morocco has been completed, with the second phase scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2025. The overall completion percentage for the entire project is 40%, with implementation and finishing operations divided into three stages.

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Ham, Chairman of the Board of Bin Ham Group, stated, “We closely monitor the progress of the largest tourist project in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, undertaken by the group. This is to ensure that the implementation processes proceed smoothly, overcome challenges, and adhere to the execution plans. The operations are progressing according to the established timeline, in coordination with the Moroccan company ‘T.G.C.C.,’ which is among the leading companies in real estate development in the Arab world.”

Bin Ham highlighted the exceptional development in UAE-Moroccan relations in 2023, particularly in terms of consolidating economic and investment partnerships and the potential for integration and practical cooperation between the two countries.

He emphasized that choosing the Kingdom of Morocco as an investment destination for Bin Ham Group was based on a comprehensive study of legislative developments in Morocco that support investors, making the kingdom a preferred destination for UAE investments. Morocco provides a secure and ideal environment that has successfully attracted numerous UAE companies.

The Bin Ham project in Rabat consists of a large commercial center spanning 22,000 square meters, offering around 1000 parking spaces. The commercial center is connected to a 5-star hotel with 168 rooms and suites. Additionally, the hotel features a main banquet hall for 500 people, five international restaurants, a health club, an indoor garden, and a swimming pool.

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